Rick McClain & Associates, Inc. Anchor bolts, plates, stress rod, nuts and washers.

Welcome to Rick McClain & Associates, purveyors of fine raw and fabricated steel products!

Selling steel poles for signs and billboards in North America, Central America and the Caribbean!

Rick McClain & Associates serves the Americas and the Caribbean


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About RMA

Rick McClain & Associates, Inc.
Let us supply your anchor bolt, nut, washer, stress rod and turnbuckle needs.
We offer custom and standard hardware by
Anchor Bolt & Screw Company and the A-B Tool Company
Custom Machine Shop and Production work available.
ASTM A193 B7 thread rod
Anchor bolts w/hooks and/or radius bends
Anchor bolts 3/8th inch to 3 inches in diameter
Anchor bolts with plates
ASTM A325 Heavy Hex Bolt
Custom hex head bolts
Cut and rolled threads
Right or left hand threads
Stress rods
We offer both cut and rolled threads, but suggest cold-rolled as the stronger, safer choice.
Rolled threads resist stripping and are up to 30% stronger. Rolled threads resist sheer failure since stress must prevail across the grain. Rolled threads are cold worked and follow the grain.
Toll-Free: 866-771-9398 Fax 618-465-9080

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